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Teodora Sava's singing abilities offer her listeners a unique emotional experience, that she feels when performing songs, while matching the current stars of music worldwide. Her vibrant and powerful voice comes as a result of what touches her soul. Combined with her proven constancy in delivering highly accurate musical notes through a seemingly effortless performance of difficult songs with a well-controlled voice, Teodora manages to put passion in everything she does in art. The depth of her voice, mixed with a native ease of smoothly employing high notes within a noteworthy vocal range, and melodious modulations due to her pleasant vibrato - they all define her as a natural in singing and a true powerhouse, capable of singing more than just one or two genres. At times, the senses of one listening to her performances from such an early age can give the impression of discovering an all new immersive experience, such that one feels being inside it and part of it. Teodora truly hopes that her talent can give chills to her audience and touch souls, so that her listeners share her music out of affection for her and feel that it's no longer just music, but an experience! Below you can find some of her live performances - many more can be found on her Youtube channel.

Below, you can watch her evolution as an artist from an early age to 16 years old.

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