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We don't have a Beyoncé, but a Teodora Sava!”

Antena 1 TV Channel (Romania), Next Star show

Teodora returns stronger and more determined than ever. Music lesson taught by a 16-year-old child on the stage of X Factor!”

Antena 1 TV Channel (Romania), X Factor song contest

The hit of Jessie J, impeccably performed by the band Freestay and Teodora Sava from Piatra-Neamt, at the TV show "I know you from somewhere"”

Ziar Piatra Neamt

Teodora Sava, from Piatra-Neamt, managed to get a standing ovation from all the judges of X Factor”

Stiri Neamt

With eyes in tears, Teodora advances to the next round! TV viewers and X Factor judges, silenced in awe with "Purple Rain"!”


Little Teodora Sava is a champion of music”

Ziar Piatra Neamt

There’s Only One Singer Who Made The Judge React Like THIS, And She’s 11. She sounds just like the international superstar Beyoncé. Teodora knocked the performance out of the park. What an incredible show all around!”

Caroline Bayard - Littlethings.com

Teodora Sava Dubbed As the Next Beyoncé Blows the Judges with Her Powerful Voice ... She definitely shocked the judges with her remarkable performance and amazing voice.”

Ania Echevar - Amazetify.com

All judges are shocked! Amazing voice! I can't believe how talented she is, even though she is still very young. She is the best singer of the world. She sings beautifully.”

Linda Maven - Onmogul.com

Teodora Sava, the 16-year-old Romanian who created a buzz in Rome (video)”

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